At John J. Normanly - A Law Corporation, we take the complicated legal system and simplify the process. Our staff will get you the right documents filled out quickly and accurately.

We will take primary responsibility for the negotiation and, where necessary, litigation of a wide variety of family law and business disputes.

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Our practice consists of the following areas of law: Family Law, Divorce, Domestic Violence, All Phases of Custody and Visitation, Child Support and Associated Undertakings. Landlord/Tenant Issues (Representing Both Property Owners and Tenants); Includes 3-Day to 30-Day Notices, Evictions, and Trials. Assisting Clients in the Completion of Cases, Motions, and Petitions Started by Client and Remaining Incomplete and Requiring the Assistance of an Attorney.

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Get informed...and know your rights

The first step in any legal process is to get accurate information pertaining to your specific situation. Knowing your legal rights, and the process for legal satisfaction is critical to finding answers to your many questions.

We are here to help you through that process. We have been there before, and our experience is an invaluable resource in your time of need. We have helped hundreds of clients in situations just like yours, find the answers they need. Please call to schedule a confidential consultation.